I’m Monika founder of Jianika.com..Since my childhood, I had great interest in style and colors. From there onwards I have started developing interest and involving myself in fashion. I did my graduation in fashion technology and from there on I have been serving to this industry. If I have to describe myself in 3 words- they would be dedicated, motivated and honest. I like to enjoy every moment of life and also, I’m a strong believer of karma. I have resumed my career again after a gap of 5 years as my daughter have grown up and now, I don’t have to devote my whole time on her and can think about future.

Jianika is my  website and my first blog is “INDIAN FASHION AND LIFESTYLE BLOG”.. I have read a lot about fashion bloggers/blog and they have inspired me and after getting inspired I have started to write my own blog and restart my career in fashion. As I am from Fashion industry active engagement with brands and bloggers  inspired me again into fashion blogging. As a fashion blogger I keep on trying new fashion dresses and started writing about them. My sole intention to write this blog is to write and update users with latest fashion trend..