low calories fruits


 As all knows apple is a juicy fruit and it is easily digestible and build by an apple tree.The tree of an apple grow in central ASIA. Apple has flavonoids in it which fights in our body to reduce fat. Also everyone knows ” an apple a day, keeps doctor away “


                                                Benifits of Apple 

1)Apples are Healthy
2)Help in weight loss
3)Apples are Gud for ur heart also.
4)Apple reduces the risk of diabetes
5)Apple has combination that helps in Asthma fight.
6)Build up immunity
7)Help to improve eyesight
8)Good for our teeth
9)Improve richness in women
10)Brain function can also improve with apple 
11)Good to build stronger bones
12)Blood suger level can be balanced



low calories fruits


 As you know, watermelons are fruits that are found in summer.It is very tasty and refreshing fruit which is also very good for health.There is a lot of water and fiber in watermelon.and its taste is amazing.It has 46 calories per cup.And it is also a good snacks or you can take as your one time meal.


                                  BENEFITS OF WATERMELON 


1) High in vitamin “C” and vitamin “A”
2) It has “Potassium” and “Magnesium”.
3) It also contains vitamin (B1 , B5, B6 )
5) Watermelon has 92% of water which keeps you hydrated.
6) Most important it has Antioxidants property.
7) It reduce risk of cancer.
8) Also cures heart disease.
9) Watermelon is also good for our “SKIN” and “HAIR”.As it has vitamin “C” and vitamin “A”.Both are good for our  skin and hair


low calories fruits


Blueberries are healthy and very sweet fruits..It is low in calories.They are so tasty fruit. And maybe it can be the favorite fruit of all.. But it is not easily available in the market or any fruit shop.It is a famous fruit in U.S.A


                                       BENEFITS OF BLUEBERRIES

1) Blueberries is also known as kind of fruits which is full of antioxidants.
2) It contains vitami”C” which is good for our skin and vitamin “K1” which is beneficial to make bone strong.
3) It has fiber
4) It has 85% of water and 14% carbs.
5) Heart disease occurs due to high blood pressure and blueberry control the blood presure.
6) It also helps to improve our memory