pillow challange (jianika)

As everyone knows, in this quarantine period, everyone is getting bored and people are now trying something new while sitting at home. Fashion industry as we all know is a subjective trend and varies from region to region and time to time.

 One of the most popular trends on social media these days which is also being touted by many acclaimed fashion geeks in the west has found my attention. I like to call it: The “FUNNIEST PILLOW FASHION”, which is particularly famous on Instagram. It’s astonishing that trend has found its way to fashion and has become very popular in this lock-down period. It’s very popular among fashion enthusiasts as it is fun and is also a good time pass.

Everybody is wearing it like an outfit and enjoying it. Both- Girls and women are participating in this pillow-style fashion challenge as you can see in the images above. Tightening the pillow with an accessory like a belt in different styles makes it even more interesting. Lock-down has become a punishment for some people, but  others are enjoying it well with this challenge.


Fashion clothing is generally the kind of experiment that our 
designers do but this pillow fashion is different. This challenge is particularly has caught curiosity particularly among those who ideally have no interest in conventional hobbies like singing, dancing, cooking or doing chores 
and aspire to do something new or different.

 So, how can you be a part of this trend ? All you need is your favorite pillow but in big size and tighten it onto the front of your body.

Ideally, your back is totally exposed but if you want to cover it,  you can put another pillow at the back, and clinch it with the help of any stylish belt around your waist. Some like using a plain pillow, others may prefer using a fur pillow, you can be the judge of your own fashion sense! Whatever it is, It’s is hilarious. As you can see in the pictures, people are crazy to accept this challenge.

What’s particularly interesting is that adopting a fashion like this doesn’t require any specific fashion expertise and one can play around with the millions of pillow ideas that one conceives in one’s mind. It’s bold, it’s funny, it’s cute and most of all, it’s different.




Who said that lock-down is to be utilized just for housework or office work? Life demands excitement and we should always try to exploring new avenues in the subjects that interests us. It’s time you flaunt your creativity to the whole world through social media. In my opinion, we should utilize this quarantine time well and endeavor to try new things. Such free time is once in a lifetime opportunity wherein we can give ourselves all the time we want. So enjoy every movement of your life and stay inquisitive.