pillow challange (jianika)

As everyone knows, at this quarantine time everyone is getting bored and people are now trying something new while sitting at home.

Now the new Challenge has come”FUNNIEST PILLOW FASHION” , which is very famous on Instagram. you all will not believe this Challenge has become very popular in quarantine period. This is a kind of fun and people are doing it for their enjoyment and it is also a good time pass.

Everybody is wearing it like an outfit and enjoying it. Not only girls but also children are participating in pillow challenge as you can see in the image. Everyone is  adding accessories like belt in different styles to make it more interesting. Lockdown has become a punishment for some people, but  other people are enjoying it well with the challenge


Fashion is a kind of experiment that our 
designers do but this pillow fashion is absolutely different. This challenge is
for all those who have no interest in singing and dancing. For Those who have no interest in  cooking, and  no interest in household work?

And they want to do something new and different.
So, this pillow challenge is for them only, and it also has a lot of fun.

 How do you do this Challenge. you only need one of your favourite pillow in big size, You have to put this pillow on the front part of your body, 

and your back is totally exposed but if you want to cover your

back body too, you can put another pillow in the back, and clinch it  with help of any stylish belt around your waist.Someone is using a plain pillow, otherside they using fur pillow. Whatever it is but this is very funny.As you can see in the photos, howpeople are crazy to accept this challenge.




Who said that Lockdown has been done  just for housework or office work? Something new should  be done by everyone . This is time to bring your creativity outside and show it to world through social media. In my opinion we should enjoy this quarantine time well. Such this time will not come back when we can give ourselves so much time.so enjoy every movement for urself and do something new and accept new challenges.